Other Types Of Skateboards

Drop in a skateboard is a daunting task that many skaters pay attention to this point a lot. However, the kind of skateboard is also necessary. No matter you choose a downhill style or other ones, the best skateboards are extremely important.

Skateboards also have different styles and shapes. Perhaps, your friend has a different playing purpose than yours. So, you need to consider for your individual purpose. This post will help you make an idea before hooking your best.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Most of the time, I don’t believe a completely perfect item. However, I’ve to change my mind when seeing the Powell Golden Dragon. The deck has premium quality (in the construction and material), cool model, and economical budget.

Along with high-rebound deck and the polyurethane wheels, the product also has a polymeric strap to protect the entire board solidly. It totally keeps the deck no matter it has a crack or not. In other words, you do not get risk when it breaks into two pieces. The grip, on the other hand, is wrapped by a strong tape to build an incredible one.

Of course, no one wish accidents when performing. Nonetheless, if the deck’s broken, the ligament thong will keep the deck in a way that minimizes the degree of injury. Thus, you can “pop your road” smoothly! You may surprise that it’s made in a country of the Asia region where skating’s not the most amazing outdoor games of teenagers!

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

POSITIV? Skateboards Andy Mac

POSITIV? Skateboards Andy Mac “Digital Series” Assembly 8″

The next top hot brand of the skateboard is the POSITIV and any skater can enjoy the road with the deck. What makes it more trustworthiness is the fact that it is managed by Andy Mc. Donald – one of the most famous skateboards in the world.

Additionally, the enterprise has more than 30 years of experience in producing. With two factors, I think that it’s enough to convince most people like this brand.

The first thing everyone loves is the design. With the Digital Series style, you do not disagree with its unique model. The deck has a lot of squares which is organized into crosses over the surfaces in the board. The core color options are blue and red.

The second is the quality in the deck, bearings, and wheels. The maple wood is connected together with high-quality glue inside. This will help the deck is solid and flexible at the same time.

The third one is that the low surface is made with the SST slide treatment which supports your sliding smoother.

RockBirds Skateboards  Pro Complete (31 inches)

RockBirds Skateboards, 31'' Pro Complete Skateboard, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck for Extreme Sports and Outdoors

RockBirds Skateboards, 31” Pro Complete Skateboard, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck for Extreme Sports and Outdoors

If you are a fan of the Maple wood, you will want to continue to review another board – the RockBirds Skateboards. The deck is crafted of 7-story maple which possibly improves the long distances as well. Primarily, it’s a superb option for those who want to enjoy the air and enter the world by skateboarding.

The surface has a high-end diamond which is non-slip and waterproof to reduce the feasible accidents. Thanks to the outstanding features, the board can withstand a heavy skater (more than 300 hundreds of pounds). Moreover, four wheels are made of ABS and PU materials to protect the deck impressively.

If you purchase this product, you will not only get an excellent board but also plenty of attachments such as a wrench, a skateboard bag, and one-year limited warranty policy.

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard (22 inches)

RIMABLE Complete 22

RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard RedBlackPattern

RIMABLE does not have big size like the RockBirds, POSITIV, and Powell Golden Dragon; but it is still become a worth skateboard that makes you amazed! It comes with many colors and designs, boards are suitable for everyone with many clothing styles and street platforms.

It is not easy to find out a skateboard that many people can use; especially if a family love skateboarding at the same time. The weight capacity keeps up to 198 pounds, an adult is capable of using it. RIMABLE is also possibly a great choice to get around in a park or a university campus. In other words, it is a good way to transport and walking.

What does make it easy to ride? A solid construction, smooth bearings, and good PU wheels support you driving a lot in the road! Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that a new user or a kid can skate without any trouble. When making a family race, remember the RIMABLE. The cost is not expensive to purchase some boards for a family or friends.

ANCHEER Pro Skateboard (31 inches)

ANCHEER Skateboard Complete Profession Wood Full Size Skate Board 31

ANCHEER Skateboard Complete Profession Wood Full Size Skate Board 31″x 8″, Birthday Gift for Children Boys Girls Age 5 UP

The next high-density skateboard is the ANCHER Pro. Usually, endurance is one of the most important factors when skating. This is because it may protect you or you will get stuck on the road. You even have to go to the emergency due to a low-quality board.

The deck can hold up to 220 pounds, so different players probably perform. A beginner, an intermediate skater or a guru may try. Do you need to assemble the board before using? No, you don’t have to do that! Just open the box and try it as soon as possible! You don’t want to postpone the skating experience, do you?

There’s one thing you should keep in mind that the board might get loose when using over the long haul. In this case, you should check and tighten it again. If you are not sure, you could ask the manufacturer or a closed shop for getting a solution.

PUENTE Complete Skateboard (31 inches)

PUENTE 31 Inch Complete Skateboard - 8 Layer Canadian Maple Wood Double Kick Concave Skateboards, Tricks Skate Board for Beginners and Pro

PUENTE 31 Inch Complete Skateboard – 8 Layer Canadian Maple Wood Double Kick Concave Skateboards, Tricks Skate Board for Beginners and Pro

Children also are able to take part in the skateboarding game to improve their health. The safety is the most crucial to take into account before buying a board for your kids. Made of maple wood and a grip tape, you will receive the best skateboards on hand as easy as a pie.

With 5-inch truck and top-notch bearings, you do not have to worry about the safety. Up to 220 pounds in weight, an adult or a kid can control the deck. For kids who love skateboarding, give this product as a birthday gift or a normal present is a good idea.

The ABE-9 bearings, on the contrary, increase a smooth ride and secure control is another cool thing in this board.

Solidness and endurance of the product are obvious things to enhance the level of a safety skateboard when users are performing. It’s a necessary choice for children and people with weak foot.

Final Words

There are tons of products on the market with different shapes and sizes. It’s quite difficult to pick the right skateboard. Fortunately, you can think of a style that you may learn and feel comfortable first. After that, invest in the accurate skateboard is truly worth.