About Us

Millions of people are playing skateboards every day.

Whether you come to this site to find help with skateboards options, tips to improve skateboards skills, or find suggestions for a new skateboard, we are always here to help you with easy-to-understand reviews.

I know that you understand the importance and benefits of skateboards art sport. If not, you will not be here. At this site, we focus on skateboards stories like: Is skateboards a dangerous sport? Is Skateboards only for young people? And then we have reviews on products related to skateboards as well as their skills, from basic knowledge to advanced skills.

There are hundreds of different reviews on this site with many different topics. And we target many different people, from young people to adults, from beginners to professionals.

The main goal

One of our main goals is to help you in finding a new skateboard that suits you. If you are a beginner, we have skateboards with basic features. If you are a professional, we have skateboards with high-end features. And we also divided many different prices for products that we reviewed on fkdsawbladebearings.com.

From basic information such as the size of the skateboard, the durability of the wheels, and the genuine gears … to the specific instructions (or settings) for each product. All information is written in an easy-to-read way through skateboards reviews.

Finally, when you have chosen a suitable skateboard, we have tutorials on the unique skills of this “sport and fitness”. Moreover, we also have information about the skateboards community in the world, where you can connect with people who are passionate about skateboards. And of course, you will have interesting new friends.

Our Staff

1. Lina Yang

Lina is the main editor of fkdsawbladebearings.com, who is passionate about skateboards (Lina played skateboards since she was 8) and she regularly writes about professional skateboards reviews. Lina believes that by popularizing skateboards will lead to a happier life for everyone. Lina is also a big fan of unique skateboards. She has a collection of more than 100 different skateboards!

2. Nick J.B

Nick admitted that he was a shy person and didn’t want to talk to anyone when he was young. And that was one of the reasons why he had been bullied by his friends during his elementary school years. However, skateboards have helped Nick feel more confident in life. For Nick, Skateboards is not only a sport but also a turning point in his life. Now, Nick writes reviews of the latest skateboards from famous companies around the world!

3. Henny Thomas

Henry always does the job and always gives us interesting articles. He loves skateboards, he studied this sport for seven years and he is a professional in this area. Currently, during the day Henry works as a skateboards instructor, and at night he writes about skateboards skills as well as the benefits of this sport! Follow Henry because his posts are really helpful!